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Tiel Rennaisance Shoes from Bleekveld for Men and Women

$ 85.00

Tiel Renaissance Shoes from Bleekveld for Men and Women for living history groups focusing on the 16th and 17th Century. Suitable for historical combat and fencing too!  New in November 2020 the Tiel Renaissance Shoes are typical of fashionable shoes 1550 to 1650, early examples are found 1400's and the shoe was used well in to the 1700's or 18th Century.  Classy circular perforations match the extant find and can be laced over or behind the tongue.  Classified as an Indoor shoe from the Elizabethan Era, you can take them out in fair weather.  Perfect for 17th and 18th Century reenactment, SCA, Living History, Cosplay, and Ren fairs.

Product Details:

  • Combat approved.
  • Available in BROWN.
  • Leather lace for a customizable fit.
  • Made of real top grain cow leather with vegetable-tanned leather sole.
  • No heel.
  • Hand stitched. No machine stitching.
  • It comes in a range of sizes from lady’s 4 – men’s 15.
  • Full Sizes only, Women should round down, Men round-up for 1/2 size.
  • Shades and colors of Brown may vary.

Add Ons: Shoe is slippery on slick surfaces.

Returns and Exchanges: Return your Tiel Rennaisance Shoes for absolutely any reason within 30 days of receipt for your choice of an exchange for different sizes or styles, store credit or refund. See my Returns and Exchanges policy.

Care Instructions: Click Here to view care instructions for Mary Rose Shoes.

Historical Accuracy: The Tiel Rennaisance Shoes from Bleekveld for Men and Women. Presented 1550 to 1650 with the extant example being discovered in 1997 in Bleekveld. and is the perfect 16th Century Elizabethan and 17th 18th Century Renaissance shoe.

Construction The Tiel Rennaisance Shoes from Bleekveld for Men and Women feature an all-leather welted sole, lace closure and historical perforations. Constructed of 2.5 to 3.5 oz top-grain cowhide leather, entire shoe is hand stitched using historical techniques.

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