On The Road! Shipping resumes Feb 7!
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March Shipping Schedule 2022

Gulf Wars in Lumberton MS!

March Shipping Schedule

Items ordered March 3 to March 25

Will Ship on or about March 25-26

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again after such a long hiatus. The excitement is definitely in the air.   The booth is in the same spot and I open Sunday Morning around 10 am. 

I will not be shipping from site.

During the trip I will be removing items ordered online from inventory.  Communication will be put on a hold as this is the biggest show day for day.  Please be patient until I get back home and rested.  I will be back at work and shipping orders on the 25th.

I will do my best to take care of you!




Why so long:

March 1-6 Prep canvas, tables, poles, stakes, product, etc for loading

March 7-8 Packing Trailer (product sort)

March 9 Family and house duties

March 10 Travel

March 11-12 Set up

March 13-19 Sales Days

March 20 Pack up at site

March 21-22 Travel Home

March 23 Sleep

March 24 Unload trailer

March 25 Shipping


Please have compassion that with one day off I am doing my best.

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