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Turn Shoes and Boots Care & Feeding

The Turn Shoes and Boots footwear line is designed to be extremely accurate reproductions of archaeological finds from the middle ages.  I want you to enjoy your new footwear, have it fit comfortably, and for you to be happy! Like all other quality leather products, your boots or shoes needs minor attention for comfort, reliability and longevity.  Due to their construction methods, these shoes will wear faster than many of my other footwear lines, and cannot be repaired as readily.  However, with a little "care and feeding" they will serve you for several years.

 Turn Shoes and Boots Fitting

      Your boots or shoes should fit snugly. Wear them with no socks or inserts the first several times. Your boots or shoes can fit snugly, in some cases very tightly. Discomfort is OK, pain is not.  Once on, they may be tight across the top of the foot and toes. This is normal. As you wear the boots over a few weeks, they will stretch and mold to your foot.   


     All the footwear is designed to be worn with insole inserts. I sell “Sof Sole Custom Memory” insoles, which retail for about $20. Inserts give you a heel cushion and arch support. There is no arch support otherwise. You can get inserts from me or use your preferred brand.

 For footwear with Laces and Buckles:

     If you ordered footwear with laces or buckles, ware your laces or buckles tight during the break in process. This will help keep your foot in the proper position to break in the leather. Not doing so will cause the heel pocket not to form and the footwear will feel too short. You should never remove or put your boots or shoes on with the laces tied or buckled. Doing so will cause your boots or shoes to get over stretched, give you a sloppy fit over time. New holes can be added to the straps, you can punch them yourself using a round punch.


After your footwear has been broken in:

  •  Every two months apply a coat of Sno-Seal Beeswax Waterproofer. I sell Sno-Seal and you can also purchase it at various sporting goods stores. This product will maintain your footwear and clean up any non-staining dirt and waterproof them. Following this instruction will prevent staining dirt from sticking to the leather, keep your feet dry, and keep the leather from getting damaged increasing the longevity and reliability of your footwear. When using Sno-Seal, be cautious. The instructions will tell you to preheat your footwear using a variety of methods. NEVER PLACE YOUR FOOTWEAR IN AN OVEN. Also be cautious using heat lamps. Fiebing’s Aussie Leather Conditioner is also an acceptable product.


  • If your boots or shoes get staining dirt on them or show signs of damage from the elements, clean them with Saddle Soap.       Read and follow the instructions on the Saddle Soap. After the Saddle Soap dries, apply Sno-Seal.
  •  If you have neglected your footwear and notice the leather is damaged or dry, use Kiwi Mink Oil Paste.


Things to avoid:

  •  Never use Neatsfoot oil.
  •  Never leave your footwear anywhere with heat over 120° Fahrenheit. Like in your car during the summer.
  •  Never pack away or fold your footwear wet.  Once dry, it will want to stay in this shape.


Signs of Wear / Time to Replace:

     Unlike other footwear I sell, turn shoes and boots are designed for historical accuracy first, and longevity second. This means they will have a shorter life span due to the construction methods. I highly recommend limiting these shoes to indoor use.  The soles of the boots or shoes will wear out over time, normally about 2 years. If you walk on the inside or outside of your foot, this could happen very quickly, about 3 to 6 months. Avoid concrete and asphalt as much as possible. These surfaces will wear the soles of your shoes very quickly.