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Shipping Policy

Boots by Bohemond shipping policy about item availability, shipping schedule, on the road shipping schedule, transit times, international, international customs, domestic tracking, damaged shipments, lost shipments, order cancellations or last minute changes. 

Item Availability

I do my best to stock every item at my shop.  However, some items will be may be temporarily out of stock.  This business is very seasonal.

“Out of stock”, means I do not have an estimated wait time; please come back and check every so often.  Out of Stock items cannot be pre-ordered.

“Pre-Order Now” means I have an expected date of restock.  With footwear choose your size and color options first using the drop-down menu. These sections will indicate if a Pre-Order item (and when it's available to ship). 

When ordering more than one item and one of the items is a pre-order, the full order will ship when all items are in stock. If you wish to split the order and have us ship in-stock items now and Pre-Order Now items later then please place separate orders for the in-stock items, and the out of stock/pre-order items.


Shipping Schedule

Shipping days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the carrier picks up at 3pm.

Orders received after 1 pm mountain time will ship on the next shipping day.

The post office may or may not deliver on the exact day on a priority mail box. 

When we create the label for your package you will get a notice that your item has shipped, with tracking information and an easy to use link, start days counting on the following day.

Extra sole options are not stocked and must be added to your shoes.  This takes up to 2 extra days before the item will ship.

On the Road Shipping Schedule

When on the road I post in the blog which shows up on every page letting you know I may be on the road.  I will let you know what the shipping days on the road will be.   Some events take a day to pack, 3 days of travel, a day to unpack, a day to add soles.  The blog will keep you posted.

 I do my best to ship what I can while on the road.

Time from order is placed to ship may be as long as a week while on the road.

Extra sole options are not stocked and must be added to your shoes.  I must return to the shop to add them.  May take 2 to 3 weeks based upon when in my travels the order is placed.

Transit Times

Boots by Bohemond is located in Albuquerque, NM, USA.

Estimated and approximate transit times based on experience

From the time you receive your email shipping confirmation:

USPS Priority Mail:

Most Cities 2 days. 

Rural 3 days.


USPS Priority Mail International:

Canada 6 days.

Europe 8 days. 

Australia 10 days.

 I use the PayPal owned Web Interpret to process all overseas international shipping if you used their mirror language site and not my US site, your order ships first to a clearing house in Pennsylvania and then they ship to You.  10 days.

Domestic Orders

All orders are sent with USPS Delivery Confirmation, you will be supplied with a shipping confirmation and tracking number via email when the shipping label is created with an easy to use link to see it’s progress.

International Orders

"Gift" does not affect the customs duty and fees liability. We are legally required to state the correct value and nature of the goods inside your shipment on the customs forms, enclosed will be a copy of the sales invoice. Misrepresenting the value of the contents of a shipment is considered fraud by many governments (including ours, see the Tariff Act, 1930), may result in both the sender being fined and recipient having their shipment confiscated and liability to prosecution (and fines). We are unable to risk prosecution for fraud in order to reduce your local tax liabilities.

International customers are responsible for any and all tariffs, taxes, fees and customs duties that may be imposed by your government upon entry of the shipment into your country. You are normally contacted by the shipping carrier to resolve any duty issues. A resource to calculating customs fees is Simply Duty.

Local postal service and customs officials may have a significant impact on the timeliness of delivery. If your package is held for inspection then this may delay delivery by anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.


Nope.  Only what comes standard with your chosen method.


Damaged Shipments

Stuff happens.  Let me know if your item is damaged.  I may have you return it to me, I may just send a replacement.  We will need to communicate.  I will take care of you.

Lost Shipments

If you have not received your order tracking shows it was delivered, contact me. USPS does not consider a package lost until after we have filed a missing parcel claim with our postmaster, 45 days after the package has shipped (or 60 days for parcels to Italy). Once we have filed a missing parcel claim with USPS and have the response from your country’s postal authority, we will then replace your parcel. If you request a refund for an order that is late, lost, or stuck in customs for weeks then I must have confirmation from USPS that the package is considered lost before we can issue a refund.

Undeliverable, Refused, Unclaimed or Returned Shipments

Packages are returned back to us by the carrier when they cannot be delivered due to incomplete/incorrect addresses, are not picked up from your local mail facility, apartment complex office, non-payment of local taxes or customs fees, or if the recipient refuses delivery. This may take 8 weeks or more to be processed from the time of refusal (due to transit times). Boots by Bohemond does not any refund shipping costs and will deduct any additional cost I incur as a result of an undeliverable or refused shipment costs for receiving a returned package.

Order Changes and Cancellations

All requests to change or cancel an order will be made by email to or 505-410-3424 As Soon As Possible. Once shipped it cannot be canceled.