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Hello and thanks for taking an interest in my work! 

Q: What is the difference between "Add to Cart" and "Preorder Now"?

A: "Add to Cart" means the item is in stock and will ship normally. "Preorder Now" means your item is not in stock at the moment, but the item is on order or will need to be made and the expected date your item will ship will appear next to the button.


Q: What is the best way to communicate with you or a shoe Elf?

A: Email is always best!  Other mediums have drawbacks and may slow response.


Q: When I select 2 day shipping does that mean I will receive my order in 2 days.

A: That is difficult so there are several answers depending on your order.

1: Shipping days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the carrier picks up at 3pm.
2: When on the road I post in the blog which shows up on every page letting you know I may be on the road.  I will let you know what the shipping days on the road will be.   Some events take a day to pack, 3 days of travel, a day to unpack, a day to add soles.  The blog will keep you posted.
3: Extra sole options are not stocked and must be added to your shoes.  This takes up to 2 extra days before the item will ship.
4: The post office may or may not deliver on the exact day on a priority mail box. 
5: When we create the label for your package you will get a notice that your item has shipped, start counting on that day.
6: If you order after our 3 pm USPS carrier pickup time, your item will ship on the next shipping day.


Q: I am a half size and you only sell in full sizes. I am a 9 1/2.  What size do I order?

A: Go Up.  If you are a 9 ½ then order a 10.


Q: Can I mail you a tracing of my foot and some measurements to ensure a good fit?

A: No.  I can measure you and do that, but variations on things like the angle of the pensile or reading the tape measure make it folly to attempt on your own.  Once a customer sent a tracing with the pensile straight up and down.  I figured that out.  I did not know he used a carpenters pensile, a really big one.  I had to make the boot again.   Not an outcome I would like to repeat.


Q: There are no real industry accepted standard sizes.  How do you size your shoes?

A:  As of July 2017 we are now sized to the Brannock Device. Found in most shoe stores.  If you know your "Bohemond size" prior to July, it may have changed.  Order your average shoe size of comfortable shoes you own.


Q:  I am an International customer, not from the US.  How do I know what size to use?

A:  I have posted a size conversion chart that has been successful with many of my customers in the "About" Menu.


Q: I lost my Care and Feeding sheet you provided and now my shoes need care.  What do I do?

A: I have posted Care and Feeding sheets for all my products in the "About" Menu.


Q: My event is in 2 days!  Do you express ship or Next Day FedEx?

A: I am sorry, we do not.  As we only ship 3 times a week it is difficult.  Running to FedEx takes about an hour.  If someone else selects the same option after I leave to FedEx, I have to go back to FedEx.  I am a craftsman and need to create as much shop time as possible.  I appreciate customers thinking of me as a miracle worker, but express shipping is not smart.  Exception to the rule: Large theater, movie, or stage orders will be expressed.


Q: I have a wide foot, or large calves.  Will my shoe or boot fit?

A:  Email me with your size and a calf measurement at 10 inches above the top of your foot and I will give you a straight answer.


Q: Can I return my shoes just because I don't like them?

A: Yes! I only want happy customers.  Send them back.  Follow the return instructions on our "Policies" page in the "About" Menu.


Q: Do you repair Shoes and Boots?  There is no place by me that will work on them.

A: Yes. I repair my product at the most reasonable cost I can to support my customers who are supporting me. On rare occasions some shoes and boots may cost more to repair than replace and I will let you know. Just email me or see me at an event.  I do not repair or copy for that matter any shoes made by another craftsman.


Q: What events are you going to / Where can I find you in person?

A: I will post on my BLOG all the places I plan to go and the dates.


Q: My question is not covered in the FAQ.  ?????

A: Check the "Care and Feeding" form for your item and also check the "Policies" page in the "About" Menu bar.  If you don't find it, email me.