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Cavalier Renaissance Boots

$ 225.00

Cavalier Renaissance Boots are made for fencing and fighting in historical martial pursuits. Tall kneehigh boots that can be rolled down or cuffed to below the knee.   Footwear worn by Kings, Pirates, swashbuckler's all, use them for SCA combat, archery, fencing, equestrian, foul weather event camping, IMCF, ACL, HEMA, Harnessfecten, LARP, and Cosplay.

Product Details :

  • Combat Approved.
  • Available in BLACK and BROWN (shades may vary).
  • Visible stitches are sewn by hand.
  • Upper is top 5 oz grain leather.
  • Mid-Soles are oak tanned leather.
  • Comes in a range of sizes from lady’s 4 – men’s 15.
  • Full Sizes only, Women should round down, Men round up for 1/2 size.
  • Period brass historical buckle for a snug, firm fit.
  • Thick crepe neoprene soles for traction.
  • Square Toe.
  • The heel is 3/8 neoprene.
  • 24 inches tall from the floor.

Add Ons: 

Garters: Garters are recommended as the Cavalier Renaissance Boots are soft and tend to sag. Garters also provide a more kept look while holding the boot up over the knee.

Returns and Exchanges: You may return your Cavalier Renaissance Boots for absolutely any reason within 30 days of receipt for your choice of an exchange for different size or style, store credit or refund. See my Returns and Exchanges Policy.

Care Instructions: Click Here to view care instructions for the Cavalier Renaissance Boots.  These boots can last as long as 25 years if instructions are followed.

Historical Accuracy:  Based on riding boots from illumination and woodcut iconography from 14th to the 16th Century in Western EuropeA hybrid design first developed by SCA legend Richard Jones, known in the Society as Sir Richard of Wolfwood, OL, who now owns Knotwolf Armory.  The Cavalier Renaissance Boots are loosely based on the "Bog Man" find and have many modern upgrades and changes to make it superiorly comfortable for modern feet.

Construction: Hand stitched and constructed by hand, the Cavalier Renaissance Boots are made of 3 to 4 oz top grain cowhide leather, leather mid-soles good for for reenactment and competitive medieval fighting as it features a reinforced heel, period brass buckles, and a new and improved sturdy crepe Vibram chevron-patterned sole, which provides traction and grip as well as comfort.  Visible stitching is hand done back stitch on overlapped leather. Machine stitching is hidden.

The boot is constructed with a squared off toe, Depending on your armor, you can strap armor over the boot. This boot is a superb fighting and fencing boot.

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