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Medieval Hawking Bag

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The medieval hawking  bag is often seen pictured in hunting scenes of the 12th through 15th centuries.  The hawking bag is also referred to as a gilperie  or satchel. The huntsman's bag has a 5 inch metal ring sewn into the mouth  to accommodate small game the baglets used for tasty bits for the bird of prey and other sundry items. This historical hunting bag or pouch is often shown in medieval hunting scenes worn by huntsman of the middle ages with tassels or other adornments from the bottom corners.  It became very fashionable to wear the pouch when not hunting.

 The buckle is from Museum of London's Dress Accessories - Medieval Finds From Excavations in London, is classified as a double oval and is cast of brass. The three pouchlets on the front are shown in numerous illuminations.  The period closure is easy to use and very secure.

The Medieval Hawking bag  is made of deer and/or elk leather and comes in golden with black accents, has a 4 inch ring to shape the mouth, has a period buckled belt loop for easy removal that also accommodates a 4 inch belt, is 12 inches high and 11.5 inches wide at the bottom (not including belt loop), and has leather cord closure.  This is a very big bag!

 The Hawking Bag is available in all black by special order.  Wait times vary.

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