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15th Century Renaissance Belt Pouch

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15th Century Renaissance Belt Pouch is a  decorated belt pouch or purse from the left panel of the Annunciation Triptych, The Mérode Altarpiece is an oil on oak panel triptych, now in The Cloisters attributed to Early Netherlandish painter Robert Campin. Supported by "Purses in Pieces". Features 5 compartments, 2 large and 3 small.  Gold plated reproduction bronze castings from Raymond's Quiet Press, Ltd.  Beautiful medieval belt pouch to use Historical reenactment, middle ages costumes, Renaissance fair, SCA event, LARP, or cosplay. 

Product Details:

  • Made with Top Grain Cowhide Leather.
  • Comes in Black and Brown (brown shades may vary).
  • 6 Historical Gold plated Bronze fittings.
  • No visible Machine stitching on the front.
  • Hand laced leather topstitch.
  • 5 compartments for your items.

Measurements:  The 15th Century Renaissance Belt Pouch body (not including belt loops) measures 8 1/4 inches wide by 5 1/4 inches high, and will accommodate a full checkbook and fits on a 2 1/2 inch belt.

Historical Accuracy: 15th Century Renaissance Belt Pouch is taken from the "Annunciation Triptych" illumination. This pouch shows up often in other 15th Century illumination. In the "Annunciation Triptych" the purse is adorned with two moon shaped fittings, has a buckle, and fashionably displays a bollock knife or dagger in a scabbard tucked behind the pouch. The buckle is from the Museum of London's Dress Accessories. This seems to be the purse or pouch of a Nobleman and is worn by a man. 

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