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Shop Knight Episode #1 Redux How to Make a Knights Belt

In this video Bohemond, of Boots by Bohemond, makes SCA Knight Belts for Sir Gui Avec Chival and Sir Bryce de Byram.

Sir Bryce and Sir Gui run the "The Greatest Tournament" at Pennsic each year. An it is just that, great. So many folks have enjoyed the work Bryce and Gui put into this event, I wanted to show my appreciation by making them both something from my own hands. Belts done in the style of the period of the Marshal. Based on the life and times, tournament style, and appearance of the greatest knight, Sir William Marshall. From their FB group, "The 800 year anniversary of William the marshals death 2019 is approaching. My wish is to have tournaments every pennsic to celebrate his life before the anniversary and on the anniversary. Anyone wish to emulate the tournament Styles or ideals may do so." Enjoy the Video, Bohemond Mike

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