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Persian Mandan Shoe

Middle Eastern shoes & boots Persian Mandan Shoe

New Persian Low Point Mandan Shoe

The Persian Low Point Mandan Shoe is found in many Middle Eastern and Eastern illuminations and miniatures. Based on presentation in Osprey's Saracen Faris, and dates 12th to 13th Century.  Although later, this shoe is represented in Ottoman Turkish illuminations. Distribution of who wore it is assumed to be equally between men and women.

The choice in construction and materials of this shoe was developed in collaboration with the Middle Eastern Dance culture enthusiasts of the SCA Kingdom of the Outlands.

The Persian Low Point Shoe is constructed of 2.5 oz top-grain cowhide, crepe sole, leather mid-soles, leather laces, and sewing is machine overstitched or hand done. It's priced at $75.

Coming Soon!  Black and Brown colored Mandan!  I will post them as they arrive.

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