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Pennsic is Comming! Shipping and Communication News.

Pennsic is by far the largest and longest event most of us merchants attend. It is the most grueling and rewarding event I do and a great excuse to see most of my favorite people in the Society.  If you have not been to Pennsic, I truly believe if you are into what I do, then go once; it will be an experience you never forget.  Pennsic War 48 is held at Coopers Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, PA. 

Shipping Updated 7/31 6:00 am 

Shipping department closed for travel from 7/30 to 8/20.

On 8/20 Shipping will resume for all orders orders received from 7/31 to 8/20.

On 8/21 Orders with extra soles received from 7/18 to 8/21 will be shipped. 

Shoes with extra soles options: If you order extra soles and I do not have them with me,  the order will ship on 8/21.  An example, SCA boot with the Lugged Sole is ordered on 7/18.  This order will ship on 8/21.  This would be the same for Anti-Slip and Crepe soles.  I remove all ordered product from physical inventory asap so as not to sell items ordered online.


I will be driving alone and have limited help at this event.  I will spend time doing the best I can each day to communicate with everyone.  I am lucky and have a very busy booth.  It may take me a day or so to get back to you.   I do have internet and power, so that part is good.  Email is always the best way to communicate with me about business, orders, fulfillment, and special needs.

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  • Ted Monnich on

    Safe travels. I look forward to seeing you, friend.

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