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Anglo Scandinavian Shoes

$ 90.00

Anglo Scandinavian Shoes for men and women are perfect for late Roman reenactment, Vandel Culture, and early Viking living history, historical reenactments groups, Hastings, and the SCA.

 Product Details:

  • Combat Approved!
  • Crepe Neoprene Sole for traction and comfort.
  • Available in BROWN only (shades may vary).
  • Leather Laces.
  • Visible stitching is Period-correct.
  • Comes in a range of sizes from lady’s 4 – men’s 15.
  • Full Sizes only, Women should round down, Men round up for 1/2 size.
  • McKay stitched sole to replicate Coppergate Shoe seam.

 Add Ons: Shoe is slippery on slick surfaces.

  • NEW Comes with Crepe Sole with no extra charges!
  • Waterproof with Sno-Seal
  • Leather Care with Mink Oil
  • I highly recommend Insole Inserts to provide the most comfortable experience.

Returns and Exchanges: You may return the Anglo Scandinavian Shoes for absolutely any reason within 30 days of receipt for your choice of an exchange for different size or style, store credit or refund. See my Returns and Exchanges policy.

Care Instructions: Click Here to view care instructions for the Anglo Scandinavian Shoes.

Historical Accuracy:  Anglo Scandinavian shoes are Roman shoes found in Northern European Forts that date from both the end of the Roman Empire and adopted by the locals during the migration period, Vendel period, to early Viking period.  You can thank Archaeologists for the strange name. The Anglo Scandinavian Shoe is found on both the British Isles and the European Continent dating from the 5th through 9th centuries.  The Anglo Scandinavian shoe is an interesting and versatile representation of Dark Ages, Anglo Saxon, and migration period footwear.  The Anglo Scandinavian shoe is written about in Leather and Leather-working in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York. A Type 1 shoe with Type 10 thong closure.  Carlson suggests the Anglo Scandinavian shoe is a Romano-Celtic shoe.  It features Roman edge to edge sewn grain side out seam up the front or vamp of the shoe and has a classic thong fasting of Anglo Saxon and Scandinavian shoes from northern Europe.

Construction: Anglo Scandinavian Shoes use a McKay stitched leather sole and is identical in outward appearance to the turn shoe stitch called a tunnel stitch. The pattern of the shoe is exact.  The front seam is a period edge to edge saddle stitch with the treads out.  The Anglo Scandinavian Shoe is made of 3 to 4 oz top grain alum tanned cowhide leather and vegetable tanned leather soles.

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