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Vlaardingen Viking Shoe

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The Vlaardingen Viking shoe is a turn shoe, constructed and sewn by hand.  Linen thread is used for the edge-to-edge seam to connect the ends of the single-piece upper shoe together and uses the edge-to-flesh seem to attach the shoe to the hard vegetable tanned sole.  The shoe is constructed inside out and turned right side out as the last step.  The decorations are done in linen thread.

The Vlaardingen Viking Shoe is perfect for even the strictest of reenactment groups.

Extant examples are the Vlaardingen, Holland, (Het Waaigat site, 1991) low cut shoe with decorated edge from the 9th – 10th Century and a parallel shoe from Gdansk, Poland (Wiklak 1960), classified as a one-piece upper with thong fastening.  The sole raises up at the heel forming a triangle characteristic of the Viking Age.

Similar one-piece upper shoes with thong fastening are dated to the 11th Century in York and Piccadilly, England with distribution across Northern Europe to Poland and appears in the population equally for men and women.  It appears in what are considered trade towns heavily visited or occupied by Vikings.  This shoe appears in Stepping Through Time, by Olaf Goubitz on page 139 figure 8a, and the shoe is typed and cataloged in Leather and Leather-working in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York 17/16 by Quita Mould, Ian Carlisle and Esther Cameron.

Available for men and women, the Vlaardingen Viking Turn Shoe is available in brown.  Colors of brown can vary depending on leather availability and may be any color from tan to dark brown.

Optional lugged, anti-slip, or crepe soles are not offered for the Vlaardingen Shoe.

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