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Viking Drinking Horn with Raven | Boots by Bohemond

$ 35.00

Viking Drinking Horn with hand carved Raven motif for all your Norse and Saxon adventures.   


  • Lacquer Finish and sealent (food and drink safe)
  • Hot and Cold Beverages are OK
  • Carved Raven motif
  • Carved knotwork
  • 3 sizes!

Medium approximately 16 oz. (Wise Warrior) $35

Large approximately 24 oz. (Viking Yarl) $45

XL approximately 32 plus oz. (Thane of Iron Heart) $55

 Color: Black with Some White 

 Note: As this is an organic product size, shape, color, can differ between items.  These photos are examples and typical but not identical to what you will receive.

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