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Medieval Viking Horn Mug | Boots by Bohemond

$ 30.00

The Medieval Viking Horn Mug is a replica of those found in Europe. Great for Renaissance fairs and all other SCA, LARP, or cosplay at indoor and outdoor events. These have been seen in Outlander, The Vikings, Vikings, Game of Thrones, to name a few.


  • Lacquer Finish and sealant (food and drink safe)
  • Hot and Cold Beverages are OK
  • Handel that lets you hook it onto belt no extra stuff
  • Wood bottom

Medium approximately 32 oz. (Resolute Adventurer) $30

Large approximately 40 oz. (The Glutton) $40

XL approximately 52 or more oz. (Hey, are you drinking from a pitcher?) $50

Color: Brown or Black with Some White 

Note The Medieval Viking Horn Mug: As this is an organic product size, shape, color, can differ between items.  These photos are examples and typical but not identical to what you will receive.

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