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Medieval Latchet Turn Shoe

$ 80.00

The Medieval Latchet Shoe is a hand made turn shoe.  Constructed and sewn by hand.   Linen thread is used for the edge to edge seem to connect the leather of the multiple piece upper shoe together and uses the edge / flesh seem to attach the shoe to the hard vegetable tanned sole.  The shoe is constructed inside out and turned right side out as the last step.  There is no external stitching. 

Found in Shoes and Pattens by the Museum of London and Stepping Through Time by Olaf Goubitz, Carol van Driel-Murry and Willy Groenman-van Waateringe this shoe is common noblemen's and noblewomen's shoe during medieval times.  There are five different length of point as described in Shoes and Pattens, 0 being a rounded toe and .5 being grossly exaggeratedly long points.  The 14th Century poulaine, poulain, crackowes, or pike-toed shoe is a great medieval shoe with a .1 to .2 toe. The shoe is dated from 1100 to 1400 and fell in and out of favor often. Sumptuary laws were written to govern the wearing of this shoe!

The Medieval Latchet Shoe is perfect for any of the strictest of reenactment groups.

Available for Men and Women in brown.  Colors of brown can vary, depending on leather availability.  Shoes may be any color from tan to dark brown.

Optional lugged, anti slip, or crepe soles are not offered for the Medieval Ankle Shoe.

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