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Goubitz Purse

$ 85.00

The Goubitz Purse is based on 14th and 15th Century Medieval belt pouches and is appropriate for Hundred Years War reenactment. The body is made of cow leather and the draw string and pouchlets or baglets are made of deer skin. It also features a period bronze half moons fittings cataloged in The Museum of London's Dress Accessories.

The "Goubitz Purse" is named for the author of Purses In Pieces.  In that book, Olaf Goubitz details many purses or pouches from the Middle Ages. It is a fine and informative book I suggest you add to your library.  Named by him as a Girdle Purse, this pouch uses Variation G out of the book.  It has one interior compartment and 3 exterior baglets or pouchlets with draw strings.

The body of the pouch measures 7 inches wide by 7-1/2 inches high, will accommodate a full checkbook, and fits on a 2-1/2 inch belt.

Colors of brown can vary, depending on leather availability.

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