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Viking 3 Toggle Jorvik Shoe

$ 90.00

The Viking 3 Toggle Jorvik Shoe is taller version of to the Jorvik / Jorvic shoe or "York shoe" found in York, England-- the original settlement was Viking and named Jorvik. Finds on both the British Isles and the European Continent date from the 9th and 10th centuries.  The Viking Jorvik Boot is the best representation of Dark Ages, Anglo Saxon, and migration period footwear.

Add an Anti-Slip Sole to your Viking 3 Toggle Jorvik Shoe. $25

Add a Crepe Sole to your Viking 3 Toggle Jorvik Shoe. $25

The Viking 3 Toggle Jorvik Shoe or "York shoe" is also from Stepping through Time: Archaeological Footwear from Prehistoric Times until 1800 and is similar to the Dorestad and Woodbridge shoe and is classified as an Overlap Closure (Type 20) turn shoe.

Although the original is a turn shoe, this version has a McKay stitched leather sole and is identical in outward appearance to the tunnel-stitch turn shoe. Featuring bone or horn toggles, the pattern of the shoe is almost exact, with a few minor changes for modern comfort.  Each of these shoes is made of 3 to 4 oz top grain cow hide leather.  One seam is over stitched, and the toggles are sewn in and are easily moved to adjust fit.

The Jorvik Viking shoe is perfect for Viking living history, historical reenactments groups, Battle of Hastings, and the SCA.

Available in Men's sizes, the The Viking 3 Toggle Jorvik Shoe shoe comes in brown only.  Colors of brown can vary depending on leather availability and may be of any color from tan to dark brown. Toggles are of natural bone or horn and also range in color from white to brown to black.

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