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Baltic III Viking Boot

$ 140.00
The Baltic III Viking Boot is based on the Groningen find documented in Stepping through Time: Archaeological Footwear from Prehistoric Times until 1800 and is similar to the "York Shoe", Dorestad, and Woodbridge shoe and is classified as an Overlap Closure (type 20) shoe. Found in Groningen and Haithabu, Netherlands, Denmark, and northern Germany, the settlements were Viking or heavily settled by Vikings. The finds date from the 9th and 10th centuries.  The Baltic III Boot is the fair representation of Dark Ages, Viking, Saxon, and post migration period footwear.

This boot comes standard with a flat 3/8" crepe sole. To upgrade sole options, add this boot to your shopping cart, then follow the link below and also add your sole upgrade to the cart:

Add 3/8" Heel for Crepe-Soled Baltic Boots - $15.00

Add Lugged Work Boot Sole for Baltic Boots - $35.00

 This is a revision pattern (this boot did not exist as shown) but is very similar to boots that did. I imagine this boot as a Viking and  Russ Viking Boot. This version is welted and and set up for modern comfort with modern soles for modern feet. This boot is designed for martial combat. The Baltic Boot is made of 3 to 4 oz top grain cow hide leather, leather mid-soles, and crepe neoprene soles that provide traction. All sewing is hand stitched (some older machine stitched boots still in stock), and the legs of the boot are held by toggles looped through slits in the side of the shoe to keep the boot closed. This boot is 8 inches tall from the top of the foot.  The top edge is hand whip stitched with linen thread.  

The Baltic II Viking boot is perfect for fighters in the SCA.

 Available in Men's sizes, the Viking  Baltic II Boot comes in brown only.  Colors of brown can vary, depending on leather availability.  Boots may be any color from tan to dark brown.

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