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Landsknecht Tudor Shoe

$ 80.00

Landsknecht's shoe worn by Swiss & German  mercenaries became a fashion sensation and was worn all over Europe.  The shoe dates commonly from 1480 to 1540 during the late medieval period and into the renaissance.  Common names for this shoe are bear paw (if the shoe was cut and slashed), cow mouth or cowmouth, Kuhmaul, and bear paw shoe. This shoe is very similar to those worn by the Swiss Guard at the Vatican.  The Landsknecht shoe is also worn by Henry VIII in several paintings.

Add an Anti-Slip Sole to your Landsknecht Shoe $25

Add a Crepe Sole to your Landsknecht Shoe $25

The Landsknecht Shoe is constructed of 3 to 4 oz top-grain cowhide leather, period reproduction brass buckles based on finds listed in Dress Accessories by the British Museum, and leather sole McKay stitched, which duplicates a period tunnel stitch, with no visible machine stitching.

Found in Stepping Through Time by Olaf Goubitz, Carol van Driel-Murry and Willy Groenman-van Waateringe.

The Landsknecht, is perfect for Middle Ages, living history, historical reenactments groups, LARP, and the SCA.

 Available for men and women, the Landsknecht shoe is available in black.

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