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Cavalier Renaissance Boot

$ 195.00

The Cavalier boot is tall boot, just at the knee in height, and can be rolled down or cuffed to below the knee and represents riding boots worn from 1300's to the 1600's in Western Europe by wealthy Lords and Ladies and is an excellent medieval or renaissance boot.  This boot is based on illumination and wood cut iconography but uses the base pattern of the bog man find. 

Add a Lugged Work Sole to the Cavalier Boot $35

Add 7/8 Garters like the paintings! $20

The Cavalier boot can be bucketed down to create a late period renaissance boot, pirate like swashbuckler, or musketeer boot. Garters are recommended as these boots are soft and tend to sag. Garters also provide a more kept look while holding the boot up over the knee. The boot is constructed with a squared off toe, artificial mid-soles, treaded boot soles, double thick heel with a period buckle and strap to give good ankle support for fighting. Depending on your armor, you can strap armor over the boot. This boot is a superb fighting and fencing boot.

Offered in both brown and black.  Colors of brown can vary, depending on leather availability. Browns may be any color from tan to dark brown.

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