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Persian Boot

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Styled after boots of the Middle East, Ottoman Empire, Persia, and Steppes tribes from about 1100 to 1800, the Persian boot is a most unique boot due to the toe curling up. Also called a "pointy toed" or "curly toed" boot or Mongol boot, the Persian boot and shoe is characterized by an upturned toe and elegant flowing lines. If you have a Middle Eastern persona you may also want to check out the SCA Boot page as it also is very characteristic of the same period.

The Persian boot is superb fighting boot.  The upturned toe gives added protection to the toes. The heel is double-thick to give good ankle support and a period designed buckle helps lock your heel into the boot and lend support. The sole is a thick crepe with heel.

The colors of brown can vary depending on leather availability and may range from tan to dark brown.

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