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Mary Rose Tudor Shoe

$ 80.00

The Mary Rose shoe was found on Henry VIII's favorite war ship which was lost in 1545, the Mary Rose. This Tudor era shoe is pictured in Stepping through Time, and Before the Mast, The Mary Rose shoe is representative of men's shoes worn about 1530 to 1700 and is the perfect 16th Century Tudor or renaissance shoe.

Add a Anti-Slip sole to your Mary Rose Tudor Shoe $25

Add a Crepe sole to your Mary Rose Tudor Shoe $25

Originally a welted shoe, this shoe features an all leather welted sole, a laced closure and a square toe as well as nailed leather heel. The Mary Rose Shoe is constructed of 2.5 to 3.5 oz top-grain cowhide leather, and the sides are over-stitched.

This is the perfect shoe for Tudor, Ren / Renn / Renaissance fairs, late medieval reenactments, and living history groups.  It has been approved for use at Jamestown and Roanoke Island.

 Available in Men's and Women's sizes, the Mary Rose Shoe comes in black only.

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