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Roman Carbatinae Shoe from Welzheim

$ 75.00

The Roman Carbatinae Shoe or sandal dates from the 4th and 5th century distributed across the entire Empire, ranging the entire continent as far north as Vindolanda in Britain as well as the Northern Provinces.  It features a Roman edge-to-edge, sewn-grain-side-out seam up the front or vamp of the shoe and has an integral classic thong-laced fasting. The upper and thong is cut in one piece.  Known examples and representations lead me to believe the shoe was worn by both men and women.  Due to the representations and low cut, this shoe would be worn with stockings, but it will work with bare feet as well.

Add an Anti-Slip Sole to your Roman Carbatinae $25

Add a Crepe Sole to your Roman Carbatinae $25

The pattern of the shoe is as exact as I could make it from remnants, sculptures and relief carvings.  The original is a stitched and/or nailed shoe.  This version has a McKay stitched leather sole and is identical in outward appearance to the tunnel-stitch shoe.  The front seam is a period edge-to-edge saddle stitch with the threads out.  The Roman Carbatinae Shoe is made of 4 to 5 oz top grain cow hide leather and comes standard with leather soles.

Good for Roman reenactment and the SCA.

The Roman Carbatinae Shoe or sandal comes in light gold brown.  Colors of brown can vary, depending on leather availability.  Shoes may be any color from tan to dark brown.

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