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Medieval High Buckle Riding Boots

$ 112.50

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Medieval High Buckle Riding Boots are amazing tall historical knee-high riding boots with ten-period brass buckles per side that are a display of wealth and status. Fit for a King whether you are into Equestrian, SCA, Renaissance Fair, LARP, cosplay, Reenactment, or my favorite…Steam Punk. 14th, 15th and early 16th Century examples found all across Europe.

Product Details:

  • Available in BLACK and BROWN (shades may vary).
  • Crepe Neoprene sole for comfort and traction.
  • 10 cast brass historical buckles per boot.
  • Visible machine stitching.
  • Made of real leather with vegetable tanned leather sole.
  • Features a 1/4 heel.
  • Comes in a range of sizes from lady’s 5– men’s 14.
  • Full Sizes only, Women should round down, Men round up for 1/2 size.
  • 21 inches tall from the floor!

 Add Ons: 

  • New Crepe Neoprene soles for comfort and traction comes as standard.
  • Waterproof with Sno-Seal
  • Leather Care with Mink Oil
  • Insole Inserts to provide the most comfortable experience.

Returns and Exchanges: You may return the Medieval High Buckle Riding Boots for absolutely any reason within 30 days of receipt for your choice of an exchange for different size or style, store credit or refund. See my Returns and Exchanges Policy.

Care Instructions: Click Here to view care instructions for the Medieval High Buckle Riding Boots.

Historical Accuracy: Each Medieval High Buckle Riding Boot has 10 buckles modelled after The Museum of London's Dress Accessories page 88. Based on a find from Konstanz, Germany, boot with predominately attached buckle (Schnack 1996), the Medieval High Buckle Boot is dated 13th through 16th Century all throughout Europe.  This boot appears in Stepping Through Time by Olaf Goubitz on page 215, figure 7.

ConstructionMade of top grain cowhide, oak tanned leather sole with a nailed heel, no visible machine stitch except for the buckles and straps where all sewing is machine over-stitched and visible.  My version is partly a turn shoe construction.  Linen thread is used for the edge to edge seam, constructed and sewn by hand. I use a McKay stitch to attach the shoe to the hard vegetable tanned sole which gives an appearance of the Coppergate sole attachments. A leather heel has been added by request of the Equestrian community.

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