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Landsknecht Patten Boots by Bohemond

Landsknecht Tudor Pattens

$ 45.00

Landsknecht Tudor Pattens, or wood shoes will keep you out of the mud and increase the longevity of your soles.  The wooden patten consists of a wooden sole with a leather foot strap and fits over your Landsknecht Tudor Shoe or the Mary Rose Tudor Shoe.

Product Details:

  • Made from 7/8 inch Poplar
  • vegetable tanned leather straps and keepers.
  • Historical buckle from Dress Accessories.

Historical Accuracy:  Landsknecht Tudor Pattens are historically documented overshoes.  The word “Patten” refers to wooden soled overshoes. The wooden patten was mainly used out of doors, to protect the foot and shoe against mud, cold and sharp debris. Up to 1500, the roads were rarely surfaced, and in wet weather, people had to trudge through the muck.  In the Late Middle Ages, pattens were worn as overshoes, and later, as regular shoes. 

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