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HE Stockings Linen

HE Stockings Linen

$ 36.00

From our Friends at Historic Enterprises

Ladies' stockings are made of bias cut fabric and are sized to fit a woman's leg and foot.  Pattern is derived from the Bocksten man’s hosen and from hose fragments found at Bayard’s Castle Dock as described in the Museum of London's book"Textiles and Clothing - Medieval Finds from Excavations in London".  The attached foot has been redesigned to remove the underfoot seams which a modern person would find uncomfortable. 

Because they are not elasticized like modern hosiery, these stockings require the use of garters to keep them up. 


Small - Shoe size 7, Calf 12-1/2" (32cm).
Medium - Shoe size 8, Calf 13-1/2" (34cm)
Large - Shoe size 9, Calf 15-1/2" (38cm)
X Large - Shoe size 9-1/2, Calf 16-1/2" (42cm)

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