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Soldier's Pouch

Soldier's Pouch

$ 75.00

Based on Nobleman wearing this medieval belt pouch in "Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry", January,  and from a recreation shown off in The Medieval Soldier  by Embelton & Howe, and dates from the 15th Century period.  This  pouch is very large!  It has two forward satchels with ties, and a large compartment in the back.  Added is a compartment for I.D. cards, fighter authorization cards, and/or membership cards.   The soldier pouch also has a wood button so it can be put on or taken off without taking off one's belt.

 The Medieval Soldier's Pouch is made of leather and comes in black or brown with brass buckle and a wooden button. It measures in total height 16 inches by 12 inches wide and fits a 3 inch belt and is shown on a 2 inch belt.  This is a very large pouch!

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