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Bollock Dagger (Damascus)

Bollock Dagger (Damascus)

$ 65.00

The Damascus Bollock Knife or Dagger is 12 inches long with a 7 inch Damascus steel blade.  This is the knife makes a strong fashion statement when worn with one of our pouches .  I had been looking for one for my personal use for years.  Now everyone can have one!

 Found in Before the Mast: Life and Death Aboard the Mary Rose this knife is prolific in the middle ages dating from 1250 to 1650.  Of all the knives found in illuminated manuscripts from the medieval period, the bollock knife is the most represented.

 Although the bollock dagger comes with scabbard, I suggest you make your own or get one made to go with your belt and pouch or purse setup.  I hope to offer this service in the future, but do not offer it at this time.

 The Damascus Bollock Knife / Dagger is perfect for medieval, historical reenactments groups, 100 years war, and the SCA.

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