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HE Wool Winingas Viking Leg Wraps

$ 45.00

From our Friends at Historic Enterprises

Known variously as leg wraps, wickelbander or puttees, winingas are woven woolen strips which were wrapped around the lower leg among the Anglo-Saxon and Viking cultures.

These woolen bands are of a statistically uniform type, occurring among the textile remnants excavated from early medieval urban sites across Europe from Dublin, Ireland to the Finnish graves at Zalatovye. The bands are usually 3"-4" wide (75-100 mm), and selvages on both sides indicate the bands were woven to this narrow size rather than cut. The weave is almost invariably of a very fine quality 'herringbone' twill.

Our winingas are approx. 4" wide X 9 feet long. Edges are finished with a discrete machine blanket stitch and can be hand hemmed by the purchaser for a more authentic look.

Available in assorted herringbone weave fabrics

This product has been developed in consultation with the Authenticity Officers for Regia Anglorum in the US and UK, as well as the Authenticity Officers for the Vikings UK and NA. Although it is the policy for both groups to avoid giving blanket endorsements to vendors, this garment conforms to current Regia Anglorum and Vikings kit standards.

One size fits most- 4" x approx. 9'

Disclosure: These winingas are also currently available from our friends at Historic Enterprises / BlackSwan Designs at starting at $44.95 as of 7/14/19. Viking Leg Wraps.

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