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HE Stockings Linen

HE Stockings Linen

$ 36.00

From our Friends at Historic Enterprises

Ladies' stockings are made of bias cut fabric and are sized to fit a woman's leg and foot.  Pattern is derived from the Bocksten man’s hosen and from hose fragments found at Bayard’s Castle Dock as described in the Museum of London's book" Textiles and Clothing - Medieval Finds from Excavations in London".  The attached foot has been redesigned to remove the underfoot seams which a modern person would find uncomfortable. 

Because they are not elasticized like modern hosiery, these stockings require the use of garters to keep them up. 


Small - Shoe size 7, Calf 12-1/2" (32cm).
Medium - Shoe size 8, Calf 13-1/2" (34cm)
Large - Shoe size 9, Calf 15-1/2" (38cm)
X Large - Shoe size 9-1/2, Calf 16-1/2" (42cm)

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