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HE Stockings Boiled Wool

HE Stockings Boiled Wool

$ 36.00

From our Friends at Historic Enterprises

At last, the historically correct legwear for women! Our ladies' stockings are made of 100% wool jersey and are sized to fit a woman's leg and foot. Cut based on the London finds described in the Museum of London's "Textiles and Clothing - Medieval Finds from Excavations in London" book. Because they are not elasticized like modern hosiery, these stockings require the use of garters to keep them up. 

These stockings are made from the same Merino wool jersey we use for our men's joined hose.  The fabric has been processed [fulled], producing a thick, elastic fabric. The fulling process obscures the weave, so the fabric appears the same as fulled woven wool, even on close inspection. Boiled wool has more stretch so the fit is much smoother and tighter on the leg and foot than bias cut.  PLEASE NOTE: because of the elasticity of the fabric, you should be able to wear a whole size smaller than your usual stocking size. You will still need to wear garters to keep the stockings from falling down. These are the highest quality wool stockings we offer. 

Small - Shoe size 7, Calf 12-1/2" (32cm). 
Medium - Shoe size 8, Calf 13-1/2" (34cm) 
Large - Shoe size 9, Calf 15-1/2" (38cm) 
X Large - Shoe size 9-1/2, Calf 16-1/2" (42cm

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