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Birka Viking Pouch deluxe Boots by Bohemond

Birka Viking Pouch Tarsoly Deluxe

$ 225.00

The Birka Viking Pouch or Tarsoly was found in the trading are craft town of Birka, Sweden approx. 900 AD.  52 bags or pouches were found in 47 graves. 18 men, 15 women, 2 children, 8 unknown and 4 double graves. Of those analysed, 28 were made of cow leather, 3 calf and 2 goat leather and 5 were tanned with alum.

The Set is stored in Swedish History Musem.  All castings are available from Raymond's Quiet Press.

The Birka Viking Pouch Tarsoly Deluxe features 28 separate castings!

The body of the pouch  measures 7  inches top to bottom and is 6.5 wide at the bottom 5 inches wide at the top, will accommodate a full checkbook and more, and fits on a 2 1/2 inch belt.  The pouch is machine sewn.

Colors of brown can vary, depending on leather availability.

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